AndroidSam is a small android application, and subsequently my first endeavour into the android market. This application is a multi-lingual text-to-speech application, which basically means you can type in some text, and depending which language you have selected, a voice will speak it back to you.

Download App : Link to app in marketplace
Download source code : Contact me*


The application supports the following languages :

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Italian

More languages will be supported as and when Google implement TTS engines for those languages

This app is designed for 2 purposes, the first and most important is an educational language tool. For example, I’m actually learning Spanish, sometimes I come across words that I don’t know how to pronounce, so I can use this application to have the word spoken for me. Of course it will not be as good as a real native speaker, but it is close enough!

The second use of this application is just a bit of fun. Remember back when your parents bought your first Windows 98 machine back in the day, and you discovered Microsoft Sam, well, re-live the endless fun of making it speak garbage!

* I’m happy to provide source code on any of my work, however I have recently had people take my source code and claim it to be their own (and reap glorious benefits) therefore my source is available on request.

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9 thoughts on “AndroidSam

  1. Hi James,
    I am working on android app.
    I am Master’s student currently working on Location based application.
    I am quite excited to know more about the features in Android
    Exploring camera and speech services.
    Kindly provide me your source code so that i can get an overview speech recognition.

    mail id:
    Master’s student Mobile and Pervasive computing,
    TIFAC-CORE in Pervasive computing technologies
    Velammal Engineering college,

    • You know an interesting project that could go open source? If I were you I’d start hacking away and put it on sourceforge! :)

  2. Hello James,

    My name is Ignacio Alvarez. I am a PhD student working in Clemson University, South Carolina. I have just seen your app and it seems a perfect fit for my research project.

    I am trying to port an existing voice app that I developed to Android and if you could share your code with me it would save me many months of work.

    If you are interested please contact me.

    Best regards,


    • Interesting project you may have porting to Android!

      What exactly are you porting? There isn’t much code to my app, its mostly wiring everything up such as the UI and the TTS elements, which make use of the APIs provided.


      • My app runs on an online server using the services of “Voxeo”. It’s a voice application to consult vehicle information using natura speech interactions.

        I wanted to replicate the Voice User Interface in android. For that I need TTS and STT. I got the STT part working already :)

        If you´d like me to explain you further we could do it on private mail:

        Thanks a lot!


  3. hello James.I want to thank you.
    Today I’ve implemented an application based on tts from your androidsam idea.Same as yours i think.But i put only one interface in it.
    And post some more article about your android apps building.Thanks :)

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