I came up with the idea for this app whilst working away from home. I had a 3 hour (in rush hour traffic) commute and I’d often get text messages from my girlfriend whilst on the drive home, which I couldn’t read as I was obviously driving!

Link to app on Google Play market place

Link to source code on github

The app is very simple, it runs in 2 modes, enabled and disabled. If disabled, the app does nothing, if enabled, the app will register as a listener for incoming SMS messages, then use the text-to-speech engine to voice them aloud.

The app took me a few weekends to put together, and the majority of that time was spent fiddling with the UI and setting up the application infrastructure with testing (which in hindsight was a waste of time on an app this simple).

I’ve open sourced the code for this on my github repository, feel free to fork!

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