I’m always trying to explore different technologies, not because they are useful to me in everyday life, but mostly out of curiosity. What is so great about Android? Etc.

I’ve got a couple of open source projects on the run at the moment. They’re by no means anything special, just a workspace for me to experiment with technologies such as Google App Engine, Android, and Stripes (not all at the same time of course)

I like to dump my projects on the Google Code repository, its free, and I often switch around between Linux and Windows at home, so its conveniant.

I’ve got the following projects open

One Up Fitness

Application : Fitness tracker
Platform Stack : SpringMVC 3, Java, Google App Engine


Application : Sales CRM
Platform Stack : StripesMVC, Java, Google App Engine

Cerca de mí

Application : Location Aware Meeting Scheduler
Platform Stack : Android, Location Based Services, Geocoding


Application : Online RPG game
Platform Stack : AWS/GAE Java application, Android client via RESTful API, AJAX front end


Application : Online XML Formatter / Validator
Platform Stack : Python(?) / PHP (?)


Application : Minigames Bundle
Platform Stack : Swing Java / Android

Comments / Suggestions? Please let me know

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