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This application I developed as part of a competition at my work place, to see who could design the best mobile application. I chose to code this in Android as I wanted to learn something new. The application will query your contacts book, take the postcode and geocode it to longtitude and latitude, and then plot the items on a map.

Application : Location Aware Meeting Scheduler
Platform Stack : Android, Location Based Services, Geocoding
Live Demo : Checkout the source code below
Source code : http://code.google.com/p/me-cercana/

My initial idea was for a business use of a meeting arranger, so when planning a business meeting, you could see what other oppurtunities are in that area. I believe this application would be very useful to the travelling salesman, for example if a salesman was travelling to a meeting only to find that cancelled, he could easily identify other potential leads in a close vicinity that he could meet with.

Not only for meeting cancellations, but for general meeting organisation, the salesmen could arrange schedules that are geographically relative, for example if he was visiting Manchester for meetings, he could arrange other meetings in that area.

The application consists of a 2 tab layout. On the first tab it will query all of your contacts in your phone book and list them on the screen. It will then take the postcode (if present) and attempt to geocode that postcode for the lon/lat co-ordinates.

The second tab displays a Google Maps view, and it will plot those geocoded postcodes onto the map.

I’ve got some good updates planned for this application and will hopefully get it pushed onto the market, stay tuned!

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