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A sales tracking CRM system. At a previous company they had some issues with their own CRM, it was developed in-house, and certainly followed the snowball development route, i.e., patching on functionality here and there until it became a developers nightmare.

Application : Sales CRM
Platform Stack : StripesMVC, Java, Google App Engine
Live Demo :
Source code :

So I decided to see what I could come up with in my own time. I wanted to experiment with the Stripes MVC framework as an alternative to Struts or Spring MVC. I was also keen to get this deployed onto the Google App Engine. I’ve made quite good progress, and have got a really early version hosted on AppSpot.

My intentions of this application where to compile a list of potential “clients”, these clients would then be assigned to users of the system (sales representatives), possibly based on geographic location. For example one sales man would have clients in the north, the other in the south.

Clients would be categorized based on their sector (education, local government, commercial). The sales team would then have a pool of clients to base their cold-calling, and to log any information they could find such as the current systems in use by the organisation, any lead contacts, and eventually open a “project” against them.

The project would be for the sale and installation of product, this could then be categorized by the stage the sale is at, such as tender, negotiations and so forth.

From a managerial point of view, a sales and marketing manager role could view all of the potential projects coming to tender, analyse the potential revenue and notice market trends.

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to invest into this project, however I’ve hosted the code on Google Projects, so feel free to have a sniff around. If you would like to use this then please let me know, I need a reason to revive it!

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